In memory of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand

Kandy, Sri Lanka


Suggested Itineraries

48 Hours: Day 1

Bahirawakanda Monastery


If you are in Kandy, the omnipresent statue of the meditating Buddha is sure to follow you wherever you go, sitting atop a mountain and watching over the city as it dreams, awakes and sleeps again.

Hail a tuk-tuk after a healthy breakfast at EAT and ask to be taken up to the Bahirawakanda Monastery to get a closer look at this massive structure above you and a panoramic view of the city below. The 15 to 20 minute journey will take you to Bahirawakanda. Ironically the name means demon’s mountain, a rather peculiar pick to build a monastery, is it not?

Bahirawakanda Monastery
Bahirawakanda Monastery

Completed in 1972, it is a fairly new structure unlike most of what you will encounter around Kandy. A bookshop, a stairwell to the head of the statue and then a refreshing King Coconut water right out of the husk will complete your tour.


For a popular nearby dinner spot that is a bit different head to Urban Kitchen, for a unique all in one dining experience. Here you can enjoy blackened swordfish while sipping on some mocktail and topping it off with some delicious pudding.

Kandyan Art Association
Kandyan Art Association

Come evening, you can head to the Kandyan Art Association for some Kandyan-style performance. The daily cultural show starts at 5:00 pm and the semi-open venue comes complete with serving staff to bring you drinks and snacks while you watch the evening’s entertainment, with traditional Kandyan drummers, dancers and a massive finish with fire walkers.

By chance you want to join them for some photos – you are most certainly welcome to do so at the very end. Take an evening walk back to your hotel and don’t forget to look out for the Bahirowakanda Buddha statue looking down on you from the opposite peak. A few more drinks at BOMMU, the rooftop bar, will complete your heady night in the hills.

Kandyan Art Association

48 Hours: Day 2

Kandy War Cemetery


If day one was about the best of Buddhist culture, let day two show you just how diverse Kandy’s spiritual heritage is!
(Ask the hotel for a car & driver for the day and also for a picnic lunch)

Start off with a hearty meal at EAT and head out in the eary morning sun shine, down on the Kandy War Cemetery, a World War II memorial graveyard, with gravestones of soldiers from Britian to Burma.

Take your time and read some of the insciptions on the gravestones and don’t forget to walk up the small flight of stairs to the large marble cross that looms over the graves, a silent reminder that the Good Shepherd watches over his sheep in both life and death.

Kandy War Cemetery
Royal Botanical Gardens


After the cemetery, head to the Royal Botanical Gardens for a stroll and sit under one of the magnificent old trees to have your lunch. The gardens are a part of the country’s ancient heritage, dating back to 1377 and are strewn not only with many species of rare flora but also numerous lovers under umbrellas who come here for quiet time. Remember not to disturb them – they are very shy!


The Peradeniya University is thought of as the Oxford University of Sri Lanka.

While the grounds are open to the public, we suggest an ideal alternate route. Ask your driver to drop you off by the Engineering Faculty building and pick you up by the Arts Faculty about an hour later. Across the road, you will find a small path that leads you across the most picturesque part of the university by way of an old suspension bridge.


Keep on walking and fifteen minutes later you will come across a legendary amphitheatre known as the Wala (Pit) that still holds performances of some of the greatest Sinhala plays to date. If the theatre is empty, head to the performance plateau at the bottom and listen to the sound of your voice echo across the theatre to the very last, grass-coated seat at the back.

Should you prefer it, you could even skip the botanical gardens and opt to make your visit to the university premises a longer one – definitely a worthwhile option!


While Kandy doesn’t have an action-packed nightlife, the Slightly Chilled Lounge Bar is literally one of the most chilled-out places to hang out. Finish your night here and chances are you’ll meet most other visitors in Kandy sipping arrack cocktails, nibbling on sizzling dishes, listening to modern Jazz/Funk and hugged together by the chilly evening air.